One of the things I do as part of my job is interview people. I ask a series of pretty simple questions and expect pretty clear answers. Here is some secrets to interviews.

Tell me why you want to work for us?

I am always amazed by the amount of interviews that can’t answer this question, or answer it very vaguely. Where I work we live and breathe in our culture, its who and what we are. We hire people who share our dreams and love. Employees describe working for this company as “winning the job lottery jackpot”. Show the company you want to make a career with that you truly understand them and their companies vision.

Tell me what you know about our company?

This is inline with the why question. The interest is in what you know. Did you look up the values, did you research the mission, do you know what we do, who we sell to, why we do what we do? Do research on who you want to work for, it goes a long way. I personally have rejected candidates who did not have any idea what we did, but wanted to apply to a position within our company. If you don’t know our products, how can I trust you will understand our customers?

You deleted a customers file/database/image/etc and it can’t be recovered, what do you do next?

This question is about honesty. Can you honestly admit fault for a mistake? Mistakes are part of business, being able to be open and honest about making them, apologizing to the customer for your mistake, and offering to help in any way you can makes you a good fit for what we need.

There are many other questions that get asked during interviews, and I didn’t want to give away all the answers, but these three I feel are regularly failed questions that I wanted to give direction to. Enjoy your day!


Promotions are great. You move forward, you get paid better, you do a whole new set of tasks. All is great. And yet, I find myself bored… Today I worked on a cloud issue and quickly resolved it as I got tired of waiting on my staff to do it. I completed my whole todo list. I guess thats a good thing, doing interviews the rest of the week. Going to be a long week. On a side note. Happy 1/2 year birthday to me!